photography by ben mallory + jason alan snyder

untitled, Ben Mallory

untitled, Ben Mallory

the photographs in this show were taken within a five block radius of the freejade gallery. the work was created by two artists, transplanted to philadelphia, each with deep impressions of the essence of the city's raw, ever-churning, urban landscape.

each of the beautifully composed scenes frame at once, both abstract scenes and profound essence. smaller formats offer personal invitations. intense close up images create an intimate encounter with the thing itself. snapshots of moments in time capture the temporal--and the anatomy of a city. 

a physical structure--design fingerprint--is one day a curious, yet familiar fixture and the next, an archeological archive of evolution.

untitled, Jason Snyder

consider the design of a structure against its backdrop as layers of time and space are built, interlocking in one, impermanent moment. while we may marvel at the craftsmanship of the human imprint, what do we make of the direct encounter with the thing itself? the thing can change: it can shrink, wear and decay, and eventually it will change form and return to it's origin in earth. 

witness how a living breathing city grows over time, shedding old skin to grow new, adding rings of history to it's deeply rooted, richly woven biography.