street art goes legit

welcome to philly. you may know them by their mugshots, or by the omnipresent feeling of eyes staring at you from sign posts, garbage cans or the wall under the bridge you just passed.

so what are they doing inside a gallery?

familiar faces outdoor installation

here, we are family.

lighthearted, fun and bulbous. the characters of bob, nose and toro bounce around the city as your own personal tour guides, appearing when you least expect them, delighted to take you on a journey of the city as you may never have seen it before.

risking their identities, in a first-ever indoor show, the faces are at freejade for some up close and personal viewing.  

you might not be surprised to know this is the work of street artists with fine arts training from some of the best schools in the country, but where's the fun in that, when the world can be your canvas? 

nose, bob and el toro welcome you to philadelphia.