design bureau of amerika

The work of this exhibit was created using the Print Gocco system. In the 1970's Noboru Hayama, a printer and the Japanese inventor of the "print gocco" system, wished to develop a quick and easy household color printing system. Cleverly combining the basic principles of screen-printing and rubber-stamping, "print gocco" is a clean, easy, and fully self-contained compact system that exposes and prints all in one unit. Using flash bulbs similar to those found in old cameras, an original image is thermally imprinted on a master screen. Next, colorful prints are made by pressing the ink-applied master screen against a sheet of paper placed on a sponge pad.

Since the Gocco printer is basically a screen printer, each print is unique due to various factors such as, ink clogging, registration and so forth. These factors make the process of printing so addictive to us. We are constantly surprised at how the slight imperfections add to the character of the work.

The Design Bureau of Amerika

The Design Bureau of Amerika lacks a buzz-word laden mission statement and long winded bios. Put simply, The Bureau is the collective efforts of designers Keith Bowman and Ty Burrowbridge. Originally started by Keith in 2003 The Bureau produces quality design for the masses by the few.