artwork by christine jones

you may have permission to view. but you will get no apologies. opinions are welcome at your bequest. but most importantly, this is not about you

or is it?

christine jones

here, the art object is in fact, the subject. a warm body chills when confronting this tricky, unconscious dynamic. the viewer becomes the viewed, frank and simple. but don’t worry, you're not being judged. its not about that either. 

looking closer, the relationship deepens. here we untangle layers of painterly study, pure craft, fine artisanship. the work employs years of influences; basquiat, freud, schiele, klimt, holzer. rich colors, experimental contrasts, bold communiques and, of course, the existential ‘other’. it is direct and confrontational, yet not intimidating. almost tender and intimate, even in its directness. even while images overlap and themes entwine, these paintings do not mince words.

passages are what they may be, a finished conversation; a thought to the self; a string of emotions—the germination of these to which we were not privy. as thoughts round out, the work completes. but what meaning do we assign when it provokes a reaction? who feels? us, the artist, or maybe the work?

despite obvious provocations, each piece is intended to be a contained unit. a kind of existential measure of the world's outside influence against the one within. and so what we encounter could easily be in fact, the ruler of the mind. our unconscious barometer. 

bitch, holla! is very serious, but also careful to not take itself too seriously.