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For nearly two decades I have stewarded thinking about content and storytelling for some of the biggest brands in the world, for some of the best Advertising agencies and boutiques alike. As copywriter; editorial director; director of convergence and experience; creative director; and director of digital strategy -- I have lead teams and departments to award winning brand communications.


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At the core of storytelling is the wish to impart knowledge, to engage and delight the listener, and above all, to add value. Learning cannot happen without clear communication. Teaching makes me a better communicator, better in all my work. It delights me, and it is my sincere hope that my lectures delight my students, and above all, add value to their stories yet to be told.


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I can't think back to a time when art wasn't part of my essence. With a background in Art History, I became a gallery owner dedicated to finding, supporting and elevating young artists with great promise. In our exhibits, I sought the context to reveal threads that make up each artist's rich tapestry. Threads that run through an individual life, and through the rhythm of communities and societies. Threads from within and across the ages.